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Chico's Silk Blend "Zabrina" Bag

This Zabrina bag was custom-made for my sister-in-law Bernadette from a vintage CHICO'S JACKET. The fabric, made in India, is a gorgeous weave of silk and cotton yarns in reds, blues, yellows, and black. My cat, Tina, thought the pieces made a very comfortable place to stretch out.

If you would like to order a similar bag, I have another red Chico's bag in my collection!

Zabrina is our largest bag. It is perfect for the woman who wants to combine maximum space with looking great, whether in the boardroom or the family room. It has all the space you need as you live your life to the fullest.

Cost: $55

  • 15" high

  • 12" wide

  • 3" deep

  • 11" drop handles

Classic design, upcycled materials and hand made in the USA. Authentically Vibrant.

Order by email at and combine beauty and utility with VIBRANT.


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