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Winter White Wool Sport Coat

This sport coat was designed by a World War II veteran, Stanley Blacker, and sold by a holocaust survivor, Herman Cohn. Before war broke out, Cohn's father told him to forget about an education and learn a trade. Cohn said that learning to be a tailor was his "salvation" when he came to America.

You can have a piece of history and a beautiful bag with the clutch or side-body handbag. Order from the Bags and Purses page.

Cross-body: $25

  • 9" high

  • 9" wide

  • 2" deep

  • 21" drop handles

Clutch: $25

  • 6" high

  • 9" wide

  • silver pin with rhinestones

Classic design, upcycled materials and hand made in the USA. Authentically Vibrant.


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