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Wool and Leather Trapezoid

Introducing our new design for a trapezoid bag! We are calling it a "Julie" bag and it is a copycat of this Olivia and Joy - Valerie Double Handbag.

Ours has a snap instead of a zipper and is handmade in Illinois from reused materials instead of being imported. The origin garment for the wool in this bag was a Jill Jr. coat. According to, Jill Jr. Fashions Coat Corp. dissolved in September, 1998. It was founded in December, 1941 in the garment district of New York, NY.

Unique and stylish this bag would be a great addition to your wardrobe and an awesome conversation piece!

Cost: $55

  • 10" high at center

  • 19" wide at center

  • 13" wide at base

  • 5" deep

  • 9 1/2" drop handles

Classic design, upcycled materials and hand made in the USA. Authentically Vibrant.

To order, click here.

True trap composite.png


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