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Three-Season Bags

I made it easy on myself this week and worked with a couple of long trench coats. They were easy to deconstruct and piece --- plus I could make several bags from each one. It's probably too small to see but the label on the khaki coat says, "Wear In Good Health."

These water-resistant bags make great three-season bags as they move easily from spring to summer to fall.

Spirited Living. Smarter Earth. Authentically Vibrant.

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I've been concerned for the environment since my mom took me to the first Earth Day in 1970 --- I was an impressionable 11 years old.  A few years later, when a new bank was being built in our little New Hampshire town, I started a petition to save the maple tree on the proposed site. The petition worked and the building was set back from the curb to leave room for the tree.





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