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Pillowcase Shopping Bags are Here!

When I checked the label of my reusable shopping bags, I knew I had to make something more eco-friendly. Yes, reusable is better than disposable but check your bag for the "made in" and "made from" info and you'll see why I was motivated.

I start by cutting two, 4-inch strips from the top of the pillow case. Then I turn the case part inside out and match side seams to bottom seam. Sew across to form a triangle on each side just like you would to make a tote bag. (I'll post pics of the process later.) Then iron a double fold all around the top edge and top stitch. Fold and iron the strips in to the center and then in half and top stitch on both sides to create handles. (Way easier than trying to turn the tubes inside out.) Pin the handles in place and sew. BTW, I double stitch everything to make the seams stronger.

That's where most of the online tutorials end but I don't like the floppiness of the bags. To make them structured and easier to pack like a paper bag, I saw one posting of using piping around the sides but that requires buying the piping which defeats the purpose. Instead, I pinch and top stitch all eight "sides" of the bag.

I wasn't sure how strong they would be but the bagger at Trader Joe's put two bottles of wine, a pound of chicken, a package of pasta, and some veggies in my bag and it held up. I've also washed it several times and it's still good.

Super strong. Super clean. Super Smart!

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