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Fabric BAGS

Vibrant fabric bags are upcycled and individually crafted from pre-owned garments and curtains as well as clearance home décor fabric.


The result is a stylish product you can feel good about buying and carrying.

Join the Vibrant Bag family with one of these bags and show your support for the earth.

 Yoga Mat Bags

Vibrant yoga mat bags are sturdy and include a shoulder strap and drawstring closure at the top.

We offer two sizes: one for a standard size mat and one for x-long and x-thick mats. 

Yoga mat bags come in a variety of colors and patterns, depending on what we find at thrift shops! New ones added monthly.

         Standard                                                           X-Large


Wool Tote Bags

Wool tote bags are made from vintage coats, skirts, and slacks. Most have a leather or vinyl bottom to protect the fabric. They are great for carrying books, I-pads, or knitting projects. 

Cotton Blend Tote Bags

These tote bags are upcycled from pre-owned ladies jackets with interesting textures and weaves.

Approximate dimensions
8” wide
10” tall
4” deep
11” drop handles

brown wool edited.jpeg
brown wool skirt copy.jpg
Bag white.jpg
large bag.jpg
bag 1.jpg