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Photo of owner Cathryn Goodman

Hi. I'm Cathryn Goodman. Welcome.


I've been concerned for the environment since my mom took me to the first Earth Day in 1970 --- I was an impressionable 11 years old.  A few years later, when a new bank was being built in our little New Hampshire town, I started a petition to save the maple tree on the proposed site. The petition worked and the building was set back from the curb to leave room for the tree.


Today, the environment remains important to me and most of my furniture, home decor, and accesories come from thrift stores. I figure that the environmental price for their manufacture and shipping has already been paid, so it's like a carbon freebie.


Vibrant began when I wanted a bag to carry to my son's high school football games. I wanted it big enough for a blanket, water bottle, snacks, and my purse and I wanted it to be the school's forest green color. Simple enough, right?  But . . . I also wanted it to be made in the U.S. and with non-petroleum-based fabrics and materials.


That made the search a lot harder.


I found a few eco-friendly bags made in the U.S. but the selection was limited and the prices were too high for my budget.


I considered buying some fabric and a pattern and sewing one myself, but the fabric itself was pricey and often made overseas.


Eventually, I ended up back at the thrift stores and found an old, forest-green coat made from high quality wool. I downloaded a pattern from a crafter's website, figured out how to chop it up, and put it back together as an economical, rugged tote bag.


From this, the seed concept of Vibrant bags was born.


I've been sewing bags for friends and family ever since and I would love to make one for you, too!



Cathryn Goodman

Special thanks to the Vibrant people who have helped me

Kate Rodgers - Business Consultant

Katherine Rodgers - Logo Art

Eileen Keller - Product Photography

Chris Ribaudo - Creative Direction

James Reames - IT Guy

Brian Eggers - Sales

I'm always looking for custom orders. Let's connect.

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