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All leather and fabric is from pre-owned garments. We shop thrift stores and charity shops in the Chicago-land area to find high-quality garments

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Linings, shoulder pads are removed. Sleaves removed. Garments are carefully designed to fit the human body. More or less for the quality of the garment. To make a new item, we need to get it back to a flat piece.

Design and Piece

Each garment is carefully inspected to rescue as much usable leather as possible. We have a dozen designs of various sizes and the bag depends on available, usable leather.

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Sewing with leather requires a walking foot, leather needle, longer stitches, slower speed to prevent stretching and skipping stitches


Garment leather is softer and more supple than typical purse leather. Lightweight. Clean with high quality leather polish. Avoid overloading.

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